The Band

Audioroad is a melding of five artists each having traveled individual and diverse music roads. The outcome of the new band has proven surprising chemistry, demonstrating that the sum of the parts is what awakens the authentic soul of music. Audioroad’s influences bring everything from 80’s stadium rock, southern harmony, Jim Morrison, and Neil Young into their unique blend of offerings.

Dave Horning

680 Drummer Dave Horning played drums for 12 years having played in bands out of California like Marshmallow Forestfire (6 years), Enfilade (2 years), Valley of Blood (6 months), as well as 5 different church bands. Dave’s toured all over the US. His roots are hardcore/metal and punk.

Mike “Willy” William

845 Bassist Mike “Willy” Williams hails from a small town in southeast Texas, but now calls Austin his home. His musical roots are in his father’s acoustic renditions of classic country, folk and early rock and roll music that pervaded Mike’s childhood. Mike has been playing guitar and bass for 25 years and has performed with various acts such as Panik, Slow Burn, and currently with his all time favorite band, Audioroad.

Robert Beasley

395175 3131086803767 1462664979 32948364 149253636 n Guitarist Robert Beasley grew up on the rock greats of 70s 80s.Diverse musical interests and styles from classical to rock and roll to funk, blues and country.Constant search for soulful sounds. Fight to find sounds that rock while still having a sweetness to them. Various bands that no one cares about. Used to have great hair before a crazy hairdresser whacked it. Dad of 4. Married to a world-changing woman.

Mike McDonell

mikeband Lead vocalist Mike McDonell grew up with a heavy dose of 70’s and 80’s rock influences. His first concert was The Eagles Hotel California Tour in Austin, Texas at 11. Since then he’s been passionate about music. His writing style is honest and organic.